Who are we?

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The EBCC (Enfield Blokes Cycle Club) is a random collection of Blokes, mostly from Enfield and Barnet, who have starting riding together, moderately seriously, mostly in their middle years.

Some have ridden all their lives, some not so much. Some are children of the fifties, some more like the late sixties. Some are fast, some have dependable endurance, some not so much. Some struggle to keep fit, some regain lost fitness just by brushing up against their bikes on the way to the pub (you know who you are…).

For shortness, blog posts tend to refer to the main protagonists using their initials. Here is a key…

TB – Tall Bloke.  He’s tall.

GB – Geordie Bloke. He’s from NooCastle.

NB – Northern Bloke. He’s from Oop Nerth.

YB – Young Bloke.  He’s young.

YBC – Young Bloke’s Cousin.  He is not quite as young.

TNB – Thin Northern Bloke. He’s always thin.

ONB – Other Northern Bloke. He’s from somewhere else Oop Nerth

RD – Random Dave. He rides with us on a random basis

SB – Short Bloke. He’s the primary self publicist, consistently bringing up the rear.

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