Rides to Plan For

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There are plenty of rides and events around the world. This section lists just some that may be on the agenda while I train to beat 6 hours on the Etape Du Tour in the year of my 76th Birthday.

This idea was inspired by a Welshman we met in the bar after the Etape Du Tour 2011. He was with his daughter, wife and son-in-law. The duaghter and son-in-law were dressed in cycle kit and looking fit and slightly hot. He was looking very dapper and not at all tired. I assumed the son-in-law had completed the days ride, but no, neither he or the daughter had been on the big ride that day. They were there to support their 75 year old father, who had completed the ride in less than 6 hours, a respectable time for anyone, let alone a man of his age.

It was inspiring. Age is no barrier. There is plenty of life to live if you put your mind to it. And any other platitudes you care to mention. Key thing is…beating 6 hours on the Etape du Tour 2039 is a reasonable long term strategic aim which should keep me fairly focused on things that are ultimately good for me in the short term.

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