Everyone loves a good target.

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February 21, 2016 by shortbloke

It’s the season for setting targets it seems.


The oldest of all targets still stands. After all these years, it’s still there. 25 minutes over 5km. That still eludes me. Smallest Person has not been timed over 5K for quite a while, but I am pretty sure she would smash through 22m or so these days. How things change. Rather than coaxing her on in a patronisingly fatherly fashion, I can barely see the colour of her heels as they disappear off into the distance when we run together now. I am still there at full sprint over 40m. Anything longer, I’m eating dust.

So, for me, 5 km/m pace over 5km remains the target to beat and running with Smallest Person is a thing of the past. I have come close (something like 25.02) but I have never properly broken it, and certainly not consistently.


One of the newer targets. A “short” 400m in under 9 minutes (I learnt recently that times in a 25m pool are different to a 50m pool – obvious when you think about it. The shorter pool has more turns and therefore more kicks off the wall). This one is close, but still no cigar. We’ll get there. We’ll get there.


There have been plenty of riding targets over the years. 100km : done. 100 miles : done. An Etape without being swept : done. Average 28kph over a standard sportive. Well. Not done.

Anyway. The latest is a little more personally competitive. A while ago GB worked out a circuit over 11 miles that maximises the climb/distance ratio around the Newgate Street Hills. There’s no way to squeeze any more ascent in such a short distance in that part of the world. His best time over the route is 38.43.

I did 46.32 today. I can’t see myself catching GB. Arbitrarily, I am setting a target of 42 minutes. Just to give me something to aim for.

On a related note, I noticed today that Cool Cousin’s all time best time up Bastard Hill is quite a bit faster than mine (faster than all the Blokes in fact). A full 12 seconds in fact. Over a 2 minute climb, that is quite a big margin.

He is younger than me. He is possibly better looking than me. He is definitely cooler than me. I can live with all that. But faster up a steep hill on a bike?

A line has been crossed.

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